Increase Your Presence With Nova Ocean
We're a digital agency specializing in innovative mobile app development and improving your development team's productivity
What we do
iOS Development
We use trusted technology and modern practices to create applications that'll help you scale your business and engage audiences at a larger scale
Android Development
We develop Android apps capable of grabbing audience attention and building customer loyalty in the most optimal way
Team Mentorship
We boost your team's productivity by streamlining your process and consulting project development so you stay efficient and on track toward your goals
What We'll Provide
One of our core values is to develop trust. We do this by working with integrity and staying honest with you throughout the entire process
Transparent development
We'll inform you about everything we do. You'll never question what or why we do certain practices.
Constant Communication
We believe communication is crucial. We'll have regular calls, emails, and chats so you always know what we're doing and planning for you.
Agile Methodology
Our team can assist your team in learning the best ways to develop applications and improve the creation process. We're always looking for new groundbreaking ways to get you ahead of the competition.
Regular Performance Reports
You'll clearly see the results and watch us make the expert adjustments so every project runs it's very best.
Our Recent Clients
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Eatigo is a restaurant reservation app which offers time-based discounts of up to 50% off, every day at all of its 4500+ restaurants.
Ozon is one of the biggest Russian online multicategory e-commerce platforms which offers more than 10 000 000 SKUs and attracts 1 500 000 daily active users.
Our Apps
We build our own Mobile products
Manage your day with Mindlist, a minimalist to do list, planner, and organizer for everyone!
You can use our app for managing your daily checklists and tasks such as homework, schedule, or even chores.
Drop us a message so we can speak together about how we can provide you the perfect solution for your business